About Harlan Cooper

Harlan B. Cooper

Over the last thirty years of my life there have been two constants: My love for photography and my obsession for mule deer. Only recently have I been able to acquire the equipment and time to make my dreams of wildlife photography come true. Although I enjoy taking landscape and other wildlife photos, a few years back, I resolved to devote many of my waking hours to photographing the biggest, baddest mule deer across the country that I could find.

Most of the little precious free time that I have is spent traveling to where large mulies roam and browse and reveling in the majestic ways that they move and behave in their environment. How lucky I have been to be able to capture such awesome creatures on camera! My luck, however, has only fed my obsession further. I plan on continuing to search for monster mulies and hopefully those that view my photos of these great animals will be able to appreciate them as much as I do.